31 December 2015

Begin Again

And so the year ends as it began, with lambing on the horizon. Over the coming fortnight the ewes will be gathered in and the sheds will be filled, and then the work really begins!

There was a pleasant surprise for Dad as he checked on the ewes today - a little lamb, born as Storm Frank battered the UK and Ireland with heavy rain and wind. I'd had the idea in my head that if a lamb happened to be born around this time, I'd name him Frank. Except this is a girl, so she shall be Frankie.

I checked on them this evening, shortly before dark. Mum was wary of me, but she stuck by her sleeping baby.

I approached slowly, rattling a bucket to keep her attention. Meanwhile, I snapped some pictures of Frankie.

...And I woke her up and checked her over. She seems quite strong, and I hope she'll be okay tonight.

Mum enjoyed her treat.

I moved the little family to a spot more sheltered from the wind.

But this is were it begins. First one lamb, and then another, and another...

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Awe! What a cute baby lamb! There's nothing cuter than baby farm animals. :D

  2. Happy New Year! Thank you for the beautiful baby lamb photos! I love seeing your pictures! You capture the pure innocent babe, new to the world!

  3. Oh what a precious baby! Gorgeous photos, as always. <3 Happy New Year!