1 January 2016


As soon as I let Blue Belle off the leadrope, she galloped off down the hill and out of sight.

The sheep scattered away from the charging pony and gathered into a clump.

I could hear Blue Belle whinnying. I walked towards the noise, and finally she came into view.

She was running along the wall, up the hill and down the hill, back and forth, whinnying all the while.

And now and again, a voice replied to her. Then all became clear: she was having a conversation with the stallion next door. Blue Belle was so excited, she payed me no attention at all. She showed no signs of slowing down, either, so I saw an opportunity to take some half-decent photographs of Blue Belle in action.

Up the hill again...

By this time the curious sheep had stopped to watch the strange Not Sheep, but as soon as she got too close they scarpered again. Blue Belle ran on, oblivious to her audience. She was only concerned with the pony over the wall.

She was finally beginning to tire.

So she stopped, and yelled at him again.

When he didn't reply, she trotted up and down a few times.

When she did at last stop, the sheep came to investigate.

The sheep investigated me too...

Blue Belle, by now a bit warm and sweaty from all that exertion, started to roll.

The sheep were not far away.

I caught her and began to walk her towards the gate. The sheep were still adorably and hilariously curious.

Blue Belle didn't mind the attention one bit. Her sweaty back was still itchy, so she rolled some more. She even managed to unclip herself, so I had to catch her again.

Blue Belle looked a bit disheveled after the morning's activities.

I only caught a glimpse of a chestnut leg as Blue Belle was running, but I looked over the wall the following morning and there he was, the object of Blue Belle's affections...


  1. So sweet! I hope the story will continue! Thank you for sharing your beautiful animals! Happy New Year!

  2. Awe, Blue Belle found a boyfriend! How cute! Those actions shots are gorgeous! I love the ones of the sheep, too!

  3. This may be the cutest post I've ever seen! Your home is beyond beautiful. <3