5 December 2015

Happy Sixth Birthday, Ben!

Yes, that's right - our resident Sprollie turns six today.

I took his best friend Teddy out shopping for a present. So much choice!

Maybe Ben would like a Christmassy toy.

Or some fish.

Teddy saw a rabbit and thought that would be the perfect present for his friend to chase. I pointed out that this might not be fair to the rabbit.

Bones, then. You can't go wrong with bones.

Present selected, we gave Ben some birthday attention in between downpours of rain and stormy winds.

Ben is every bit the gentleman.

Teddy had a bone too.

So a big happy birthday to Ben...

...from your best friend, Mr Teddy.


  1. Oh my goodness they are both SO cute!! Love Teddy's eyes in the third from last photo! <3

  2. They are both so cute! Happy Birthday, Ben! <3

  3. Happy Birthday Ben, we agree Bones are a great present.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ben! He is way too cute!

  5. Happy 6th Birthday Ben.
    Hope you enjoyed your special day.
    xo Cinnamon

  6. Happy Birthday Ben! Both he and his best friend are so sweet!

  7. Happy Birthday Ben! You can never go wrong with bones. :)