The Balmoral Show 2015 ::: Part 3


The goats and pigs shared the same tent as they waited to be judged.

Then there were the sheep...

It amazes me sometimes just how many varieties of sheep there are.

The Balmoral Show 2015 ::: Part 2

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(You can have a look at Part 1 here.)

I was really happy I caught this class - I love horses.

Some very impressive dapples:

In the ring next door was another class - this time mounted.

I left the horses and bumped into a display by the Mordor Gundogs. They're so amazingly obedient.

I caught the tail-end of a sheep hand-shearing competition too.

The Balmoral Show 2015 ::: Part 1

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On Wednesday 13th May, Dad and I headed off for the Balmoral Show. We had our tickets safely in our pockets, and my camera was charged up and ready to go. It was a beautiful day.

There was a "guess the breeds of the parents" competition in the Shopping Village tent. I did not fare well.

There were lots of machines on display.

There was an amazing family of wooden, life-sized horse sculptures.

I visited the tent for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

And right next door was the Children's Farm.

I went for a wander and stumbled across the warm-up area for the showjumping horses.

A foal got loose during the mother and foal class in one of the horse arenas.

Safely back with mum.

More from the foals in part two.