25 February 2016

My Very Interesting Boots

The electric was off for the afternoon, the weather dull and rainy, so what was one to do? I decided to spend some time with the ewes and lambs who were waiting for a good day so they could go to the fields. I sat with my camera and waited. Lambs, curious as they are, came over to say hello.

Family 172 looked very happy and healthy.

163 was very brave and came right up to me.

All of the lambs thought it was strange that a person was sitting with them and clicking a black thing at them.

The mums kept a close eye on me.

This young man was one of the boldest...

He and his friend thought my boots were very interesting.

This lamb was copying mum, and nibbling at the silage.

But it seemed to find my boots more to its taste.

Some mums were very attentive. If lambs got too close...

...they weren't far behind.

These two were snuggled up together, fast asleep.

One of my ewes, Nova, was here too.

I think this lamb is very cute.

The lambs are delightfully curious.

This slightly squinty ewe has a pair of lambs marked with CW. My friend Charlotte comes up to help with the lambs once a week or so, and she delivered these.

143 has great hair.

My jeans are very interesting too.

Once they are big enough, the lambs like to climb on the silage bale.

Nova's lamb, a lovely little ewe. She is marked with NV.

A lamb and its gang.

One of the CW boys.

Mum keeping an eye on things.

A group of lambs coming to investigate my boots and/or jeans.

One question, though - will this hairstyle ever catch on, do you think?


  1. I understand they are not "pets" but,they are sure sweet and loveable.
    sorry for the run on sentence lol
    xo Cinnamon