22 February 2016

The More the Merrier

I have enjoyed taking Blue Belle for walks since I got her in June last year. Things, however, have gotten much more complicated since then...

Suckie tags along. There is no choice on my part. I like to think it's because she enjoys our company, but really...

...she comes along so she can steal nuts out of the lambing shed.

Blue Belle is none-too-happy at being stuck on the end of a leadrope while Suckie gets to go around stealing all the food she wants.

Suckie is always in the background somewhere.

And recently, our entourage has grown to include Nobby and Fred.

Ah, Suckie deciding to join us in the yard after a binge.

Quiet little Fred is beginning to find his courage.

Poor Blue Belle, sad because she can't wander off and steal more food.

Nobby and Fred would like to be fed now (even if they were fed not an hour ago).

"Why don't I hold this so you can go and make us some milk?"

It's great to see old Suckie getting along with the new generation.

Blue Belle doesn't seem to mind them too much, either.

The more the merrier, I say.


  1. That must be very cute to see you all off for a walk, trying to steal food.

  2. Blue Belle is so pretty! That's really cute that her sheep friends want to come along for the walks, too! Even if they do get into mischief! :D