13 March 2016

A Spring Evening With Friends

On a lazy Sunday evening, I find it very enjoyable to spend some time with Blue Belle and Suckie. Suckie often runs to the gate at the call of her name - Blue Belle travels at a more sedate pace.

I joined them in their field just as clouds blocked the best of the evening light.

They followed me around, and Blue Belle multi-tasked by getting on with her favourite pastime - eating.

I had a long lens on, so my hope was to keep some distance between us so I could get some nice shots. The ladies had other ideas.

Suckie wandered off at this point, probably disgusted with me for not bringing her some nuts.

The evening light - even blocked by clouds - fell beautifully upon the landscape.

Then the sun was back...

The evening was so clear, you could see the sea.

I left the field, and watched over the wall to see if they'd do anything interesting. Blue Belle started to walk...

...and went back to be with her friend.

Teddy watched over the wall with me, though I don't think, with his short stature, that he saw much.

I love spring evenings.


  1. Wow! What a lovely view! You are so lucky to be able to see the sea from your pasture! I can bareley see anything but the barnyard if I sit in my pasture:( Lol! Keep up the good photography!