11 March 2016

Riding From C to E

I tagged along with my friends Charlotte and Emma for a riding lesson, as I'd never been to a riding centre before and I was keen to observe the horses and ponies in action.

Charlotte was riding George...

...and Emma was riding Dimple.

What surprised me the most was the scale - every horse looks like a giant compared to my little Blue Belle. It was quite exciting as the horses and ponies cantered past right in front of me.

This horse, Merlin, looked very striking indeed.

Before watching this lesson, I had no idea that there were so many ways to ride a horse in a circle.

Charlotte was ingenious at finding moments to pose for the camera.

The riders were asked to ride in parallel at various speeds.

The audience was enthralled.

George and Charlotte waiting for their turn.

Everyone was asked to trot and canter without their stirrups.

Then everyone tied knots in their reins and cantered around the arena.

Last but not least, everyone cantered over poles on the ground.

Here endeth the lesson.

(Thanks for letting me come along, Charlotte and Emma!)


  1. Wow! The horses are so beautiful! I really wish I could afford riding lessons!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! The horses are gorgeous! I have a riding trip planned with some friends in a couple months--I'm looking forward to our lessons!

  3. I love horses! These ones are so pretty!