20 March 2016

The Story of Ben

Ben arrived here on 7th February 2010. He journeyed home in a cardboard box. He stuck his nose in the corner and made it soggy.

He started out shy, but soon came out of his shell.

He made friends with the other dogs. Here he is with Sheila and Fly:

He was a beautiful shade of brown.

He enjoyed tractor rides.

He loved to play. He seemed oblivious to any growling noises Sheila made when he got too close to her toys.

He was a handsome chap.

He had a majestic Sprollie silhouette.

He tried to do some work sometimes, but it wasn't really his thing. (See Ben the Sheepdog for an adorable video of Ben making friends with a lamb.)

He was my main subject for my art GCSE in high school. This is a clay relief of Ben in his box.

He enjoyed long summers playing with his friends and family.

He liked being in the kitchen.

He loved his little half-sister Pip very, very much.

Many family portraits were ruined by Ben's wandering tongue.

He was handsome in all weathers.

He loved spending time with his little sister.

He enjoyed days out because he got to meet new people and dogs.

He made friends with the next door neighbours, Lady and Samson.

All of the dogs loved him lots and lots.

Ben may not have been the ideal sheepdog, but he was very gentle with the lambs.

And I'm glad that, in his final few months and as his health deteriorated, he was able to care for his "puppy", Nobby, and extend his family even more.

We loved Ben. He was a good dog, and we all miss him terribly.

Goodbye, Ben.


  1. Ben was beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss! <3 ((hugs))

  2. Hey Ruth ��, we didn't really know how much Ben meant to you - even though we have a dog and Garry has one as well. So we're feeling a bit "sheepish" ourselves for not being a bit more sympathetic ������ Kieran,Garry and Ciara.
    BTW your books have truly beautiful photos of your dogs, various animals and gorgeous view �� I'd be happy with half your talent ��

  3. Oh Ben, I always loved your stories and pictures. What a special doggie. Please say hi to Big Pip if you see him ... Run free, dear Ben.

  4. I'm so sorry my dear, it is always so terrible to lose someone you care and love so much. I know Ben had a wonderful life with you and he knew that you loved him everyday x

  5. A lovely tribute to your gentle boy. xxx

  6. I am sooo sorry to read about Ben, he was too young:( A lovely tribute to him.

  7. I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about Ben. It's always shattering to lose a much loved member of the family, and it's clear to see just how much your wonderful Sprollie meant to you. *hugs*