22 March 2016

Visiting the Ewes and Lambs

I often have to move Blue Belle and Suckie out of their field so Dad can drive a tractor through. I went on something of a shopping spree for my 21st birthday at the beginning of this month, so I took the opportunity to test out my new camera lens - a Canon 50mm. I swapped between that and a 70-300mm for this birthday walk.

Suckie often walks just behind Blue Belle.

As Blue Belle just walked around, the sheep took it in turns to run away and then come over to investigate their visitor.

It amuses me that, when I take them both on these visits, Suckie doesn't mix with the other sheep.

Blue Belle rounds up her "flock".

Blue Belle just has to walk and it's scary, apparently.

The lambs were curious too.

Blue Belle had managed to get her left side caked in mud somehow.

She is very pretty, mud or no.

There is a great view from this field too, even on an overcast day like this one.

We drifted closer to the boundary wall...

...and Tilly appeared.

Tilly is the sweet little cat from next door.

She has great eyes.

By this time, Dad was finished with Blue Belle and Suckie's field, so I took them home.


  1. I am so sorry about Ben. It has taken me a few days to convey my sympathy. It always makes my heart hurt when I hear about the passing of a beloved pet. Thoughts and prayers are with you.