11 April 2016


For my 700th blog post, I'd like to introduce you all to our fifteen (yes, fifteen) pet lambs. They have accumulated over the past two weeks. It was all quite sudden, really. The one-year-olds are not always the best mothers, so we have had to help all of these lambs survive. I'm pleased to say that they're all thriving on half a bottle of milk four times a day. It's a lot of work but they are great fun to have around.

On the left we have Little Dude, the first of the small lambs to be helped. He was born on 29th March. On the right is Larry, who was born on 31st March.

Larry again:

This is Jerry, born on 30th March.

This is Tyson, born on 4th April.

This is Nobby, born on - oh, right, you know Nobby.

In between Nobby and Fred there is their little friend called Jack. Pip is just giving Fred a friendly paw.

Nobby doing... something.

Little Dude saying hello.

Little Dude with one of the white twins - I think is this Blue Twin. They're pretty identical twins.

It's great to sit in the straw and watch the lambs play. Here we have Pip coming to join me for a cuddle, Larry wondering what the camera is, and Nobby nibbling some straw.

Jack trying to be a big lamb.

He failed, but he still has his dignity.

Nobby is hilarious.

This is Margo, born on 30th March. She's a little diva.

Some size comparisons for you: Nobby, Pip and Tyson.

Joining Nobby here is Millie, born on 4th April.

When on of my friends wasn't feeling well, Millie visited her make her feel better.

Image source: emzjewel on Instagram.

This little lady is Tyson's twin sister, Tydaughter. (See what I did there?)


White Twin:


Millie showing Tyson how to dance.

Millie with twins Tyson and Tydaughter.

This little fellow was too small to come out and play as he was only a few hours old at the time. This is Gloria's lamb, Tiddlywinks - or Tiddles for short.

On the left is Rosie, born on 4th April. On the right is Tydaughter.

This is White Twin.

Millie is very curious. She's back again.

Margo trying to eat some straw.


This is Ducky, so called because she's something of an ugly duckling. She's got bad conformation and she's growing horns. She doesn't let it hold her back.



Blue Twin and White Twin having a little kiss.

Rude Little Dude.


Fred coming over for some neck scratches.


Pip likes to remind me now and again that she is also here.



Oh no - Larry's coming...

...and now he's standing on me.

Millie's standing on me now.

Hello, Tydaughter.

Blue Twin is going to have a nap.

Little Dude.


Millie sniffing my very interesting boot.

Tydaughter and Jerry.


Pip loves all the little lambs.

It's chaos - but the good kind.


  1. They are so, so cute! Every time I thought I'd picked a favorite, I saw a picture that moved another one to the top of the list :) It's hard not to love chaos when it's such cute chaos.

  2. What lovely little cuties! Lambs are so adorable at this age :)
    I love the speckle-dy faces and knees of the Suffolk crosses, and I especially like Rosie's pink nose on her black muzzle :)
    Tyson and Tydaughter for the win! :D

  3. I'm impressed that you can remember who is who!

  4. lots of cute lambs, i wouldn't get anything done since I would spend all day watching them lol

  5. Nobby is so fat compared to everyone else! So adorable. <3

  6. Wow, a log of cute lamb pictures. We can see why this post was used for your Featured Favorite day over at Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade.

  7. Oh, my, I LOVE the one with the little 'x' on its nose, and I adore the ones with the black noses and the speckledy ones (I know that's not a word but it is to me).
    What darling lambikins.