16 April 2016

The Mob

Dare to drive a quad into a field these days and you will be mobbed.

Kerry's mum was in the mob.

As was Kerry!

She looks like she's doing really well.

Sheila was with me. She likes to Collie Stare at things, so this was an enjoyable afternoon for her.

I moved the quad and the sheep came running once more. Please take a note of the lamb lying behind the gate on the right...

Someone clearly has no idea how a gate works...

The moment this ewe realised that I didn't have nuts for her.

Oblivious to the lack of food, the sheep kept on coming.

The variety of the lambs we have each year amuses me.

Suckie was annoyed that she couldn't join the mob.

Once they realised that there was no food, the mob got bored and wandered off.

Some lovely lamb faces:

The mountains were hiding today.

There's Miss Prudence:

On the way back to the yard, I saw that Blue Belle was pleased when she found herself some extra height with a tree stump...

But then I pointed out that it didn't really make much difference.


  1. Totally thought of your blog yesterday. I was driving home, there was a sheep on the loose on the highway. A woman was trying to drag/coax this sheep. I have no idea where it is from as you don't see sheep farms on that road.

  2. They are so adorable! I love the little black lamb.

  3. Gorgeous pics, gorgeous! You have a great eye!