17 April 2016

Purple Sky

There are some evenings that are truly special. This was one of them. I'd taken Jess and my new camera and lens up the hill to overlook the mountains.

The sky was a beautiful blend of blues and pinks and purples. On the lower ground and down towards the coast, the mist had descended and hidden the sea.

I remembered the fundamental rule of taking Jess' photograph, and that was to have a squeaky toy with me as she doesn't pose for food. There was a glorious warm orange glow that fell upon us as the sun went down.

I got some shots I was very pleased with, but sometimes the urge to have her squeaky toy meant that Jess got right in my face!

The sun continued to set. The mist divided the land into layers.

We stopped to watch the sun set completely before heading back to the yard. We walked past Blue Belle and Suckie's field.

To my surprise, Blue Belle decided to stand beside Suckie and pose for a while.

"Do we look good?"


Blue Belle certainly does seem to copy Suckie's style choices.


  1. Jess looks great - love that last one with her head tilted. The lighting on he mountains is stunning!

  2. How beautiful! I just love Jess. <3

  3. The light is ethereal and makes your photos from that evening very special!