19 April 2016

Colleen's Colt

One of the highlights from my day in Kilrea with the Clydesdales was meeting one who lived not far from where I did. Dairylough Lord Mic-ki's owners were very kind to allow me to visit them and meet some more of their horses, including Colleen and her adorable two-week-old colt!

On the day he was born, he was already taller than Blue Belle. He also seems to be a natural at posing for the camera.

Look at that beautiful face.

Just like any youngster, he has to nibble at everything. The wall...


And mummy's tail...

Nibbling things and skipping around is very thirsty work.

It's amazing to think that he'll be as big - or even bigger - as his mummy one day.

I met this handsome fellow as well...

But this little man is the cutest, no doubt.

A huge thank you to Sam and Veronica for letting me visit.


  1. What an adorable little guy! I love the white spot above his eye:so cute!☺️

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Ruth enjoyed the visit. Photos are great, but sure he was such a poser for the camera. Other horse is Micdan sire of the colt

  3. Sorry it should read. Dairylough Lord Micdan

    1. It was not a case of forgetting the name this time, just not being sure how to spell it!