23 April 2016

Snow on Distant Mountain Tops

On a warm(ish) day, Teddy and I went to spend some time in the field with the youngest lambs. The clouds were looking at bit ominous, and even though it felt a bit warmer than it had been previously, snow dusted the tops of the mountains.

One moment it would be sunny, and the next it would be dull.

I sat on a bucket in the field and waited for the sheep to come to me.

Some were more curious than others.

The ewes were cautious of Teddy and I, and made sure their lambs were okay.

I moved, and the sheep went into a rough patch of stones and trees and bushes.

Next door there were some sleepy calves.

With weather like this, perhaps we can finally believe that spring is on its way. The lambs certainly enjoyed their sunbathing.

And Blue Belle even had a spring haircut.