25 April 2016

Back at Dairylough

Today I visited a colt who's well on his way to being the most photographed Clydesdale ever.

He has noticeably grown since I saw him just last week.

He also continues to be effortlessly photogenic.

Outside I met Dolly, a 20-year-old mare staying for while, hopefully so she can have a foal by Micdan.

(Not the best photo ever, but I could not resist that flamboyant forelock.)

The colt's mummy, Colleen:

Buster the dog came out to see what the fuss was about.

And finally, I said hello to Fred. (No, not the lamb.)

He has a wonderful beard.

A huge thank you once again goes to Sam and Veronica for letting me visit, and to the Dairylough Clydesdales for being such good sports.