26 April 2016

Talkin' 'Bout Fashion

Nobby and Fred are now of an age when they should be spending more time outside. The fields are full of lambs younger than them out full time, but with pet lambs such as these two it's always best to take things slowly.

Of course they've been outside before, but this was their first day left out in the field, unsupervised, like "normal sheep".

While I was taking those photos of the boys, Blue Belle had come to stand beside me and I managed to get a nice close-up shot of her eye.

But I digress. Blue Belle has the patience of a saint with these two. I'm not naming names or anything, but one of them is more trouble than the other. It's Nobby.

From the day I first bought her, I always thought Blue Belle would look great in a tan leather headcollar. After trying on six other headcollars, I finally struck gold with the seventh.

I thought too that it would be nice to have a little tag with Blue Belle's name on it. After shopping around online I found a shop on Etsy that allows almost complete creative control over how the tag looks. I wanted something minimalist to reflect the layout of this blog and my books. I think the end result looks really great and very cute.

A navy leadrope completes the ensemble.

Blue Belle was enjoying her fashion shoot until...

"Go away, Nobby."

"This is my fashion shoot. Go away, Nobby!"

Even Blue Belle's patience has its limits.

It should be pointed out at this stage that Fred was trying to eat my camera at the same time.

Suckie has no tolerance of the boys whatsoever.

If they so much as stand next to her, she will hit them away. I had a laugh over that - the boys are being beaten up by a little old lady.

Blue Belle grazes on, oblivious.

It has taken me well over a month, but at last I have Blue Belle's new headcollar, leadrope and tag put together. I think she looks lovely.


  1. Such beauty! The lambs are so adorably chunky. <3

  2. Blue Belle's headcollar does look lovely on her. So glad you found an Etsy shop that made it easy to get the tag you wanted--I spent hours browsing Etsy for the perfect tags for Barley and Soth when we moved!