28 April 2016

Meet My Flock

It has been decided that a handful of the female pet lambs from this year will become my future flock. I've managed to pick out four little ewes who I think will grow up into great sheep. I'm so excited to be starting a flock all of my own.

To be a member of my flock, you have to enjoy wandering around the yard with the dogs. This is only the second time out for three of the girls, and the first for Honey. Margo, the biggest lamb, is very curious about Teddy.

Is she saying "baa" or "woof"?

Aww, kisses!

Rosie (with the pink nose) and Margo are the boldest.

They also look very similar!

This is Honey. Her mummy did like her, but she didn't have enough milk for both of her lambs, so Honey needed help. She's the only lamb who isn't a Kerry Hill cross of some sort.

Honey may be the youngest by about a week, but she makes up for that with ears!

The longer we were outside the braver she got - look how far away she is here!

Teddy keeps a close eye on them for me.

The darkest lamb is Millie, the fourth and final member of my flock. There aren't so many photos of her because she wouldn't leave my side.

Millie can be very dainty when she wants to be.

And brave too!

In fact, once she discovered Teddy, she didn't really want to leave him alone, as the following photobomb demonstrates...

Lamb incoming!


  1. So cute! I'm excited to hear about how your little flock develops!