14 August 2016

Nobby Goes Out for an Ice Cream

Nobby has been out and about again. This time we went for a leisurely walk on the beach. It took us about twenty minutes to reach the beach from where I'd parked the car because so many people wanted to meet Nobby.

Some delicious driftwood.

There were the occasional moments to stop and take in the view.

We moved on (when Nobby felt like it) to a grassy area just on the edge of the promenade.

Lots of nibbling to do.

Some more sightseeing.

The beach was split into two by a small estuary, and since sheep aren't fans of water we headed to the promenade to continue our walk.

Nobby had another nibble break.

He met a very surprised dog.

A pair of Shetland Ponies were offering children rides on the beach. Nobby met Toby, and the pair exchanged fashion advice. Nobby would like a flower necklace like Toby's.

Nobby loved all of the attention he received. Poor Toby looks a bit left out.

Finally we reached our destination, and I tucked into a yummy ice cream sundae that shared its colour scheme with Nobby.

Ahem. That's mine. Hooves off.

Nobby had a relaxing lie down and chewed his cud while I enjoyed my ice cream. It was only a short walk back to the car along Main Street. Such a good boy.

I wonder where we'll go next...


  1. I would have stopped and wanted a picture with Nobby too!

  2. What a great adventure! I wish Barley and I could meet Nobby on one of our outings! We're so jealous of the surprised dog ;)