18 August 2016

Round and Round Bales

This is Jess' second silage season and she already has posing on a bale down to a fine art. She poses best for toys, so I held a squeaky toy in my hand, asked Jess to jump up, and waited for Dad to come into the background in the tractor. The idea was to take a photo that told a story... even if the story was of a dog posing on a bale!

Most of these shots would have been very difficult to take on my old camera - the new one certainly gives me a bit more flexibility.

While Dad continued to drive in circles, and the baler continued to spit out bales, Jess continued to pose.

I love the blurred hedge in this one.

An adorable wee face.

In a little over an hour Jess and I had moved the bales up the hill and placed them into rows. While we waited for Dad to arrive with the wrapper - yep, you guessed it - more posing!

She's become very good at this posing thing.


  1. These are great pictures! Looks like you both had a very productive day!

  2. There are bales in the field across from us, I don't think mine would like to climb them!