20 August 2016

With the Lambs

Just as the pretty setting sun I'd expected to see ducked behind some clouds, I sat on an upturned bucket in the lambs' field. Rosie was the first to greet me. At least I think it was a greeting.

Eleven years Rosie's senior, Suckie gave me the same look.

Rosie relented and got some scratches from the person on the bucket before wandering off to eat.

Which left me and the view.

Then Nobby spied me. He came straight over for some scratches.

Rosie came over to model imaginary horse blankets.

And bridles.

Then everyone else came tearing down the hill only to run straight past me and into the feeder.

Rosie soon discovered there wasn't room for four in the feeder, and Nobby came over for even more scratches.

Millie came over too.

It's amazing to see how small a little old lady Suckie is next to the lambs.

That doesn't mean the old lady doesn't have 'tude - as Honey found out the hard way.

Margo, meanwhile, came nowhere near me. She doesn't seem to remember those few months when I fed her milk three times a day. Apparently I'm scary.

Honey likes to find new places to eat.

Millie was thinking of joining her but then she saw something interesting Over There.

Why can't Margo and Honey pose in a prettier part of the field?

Meanwhile, Nobby joined Millie Over There.

The remaining three lambs waited at the gate for me to bring them some food. They didn't seem to realise I was the person sitting on the bucket in the field with them.

Such a relaxing way to spend an evening.


  1. They are so lovely. Thanks for sharing your evening!

  2. It is a beautiful way to spend the evening. Thanks so much for sharing.