27 August 2016

Nobby Goes to the River

A few days ago, Nobby and I spent an evening in the forest.

We were heading for the river, and if there's one thing you need if you're an animal who doesn't like water, then it's a friend who does.

Shane the Labrador loves water. Nobby and Shane met for the first time in the car park, and thankfully they got on well - otherwise this walk wouldn't have been so relaxing.

Nobby stayed on the dry riverbank and watched as Shane dived in.

One happy Lab.

The river was flowing fast and was very noisy in places, but Nobby didn't seem to notice.

He loved following Shane when he was back on dry land.

The woods looked great.

Nobby didn't fancy a go on the stepping stones.

He met a very friendly Golden Retriever called Sasha - she gave him a lick on the nose.

Nobby watched once more as Shane had another dip.

All of this walking made Nobby hungry.

Shane and Charlotte walked ahead since sheep walk at a slower pace than dogs.

We came to a bridge. Nobby liked the bridge. It made him feel important.

We walked along the other bank.

Nobby nibbled some more.

The bank was higher on this side.

We needed to cross another bridge to return to the original side of the river.

Charlotte and I had something to eat. Shane lay down, impatient to be on the move again. Nobby grazed on the grass and sampled some greaseproof paper. After our tea the sun was lower in the sky and the light was lovely.

Two tired boys.

Handsome Nobby.

Nobby and Shane had been getting along swimmingly, but then there was an... incident, in which Nobby stood on Shane's tail.

Nobby enjoys the view casually.

Shane enjoys the view intensely.

Shane had a rival for Charlotte's attentions.

But in the end there was no contest.

I found a pair of sunglasses sitting on the wall and, well, I'm sorry, Nobby.