29 August 2016

Coillte the Connemara

When I found out that my friends Charlotte and Emma had a new pony, I had to come and meet him. Coillte (an Irish name, pronounced kel-sha) is a beautiful dun Connemara.

I love his dark ear tips.


Coillte back in his field, free to stare across the yard at the lovely Toffee.

Toffee did some over the gate posing.

I visited in the rest of the horses - Skew and TJ in conversation, while behind them Ben has a snack.

Skew is the matriarch of the herd at 22-years-old.

Jewel was friendly too.

Today it was Dash, however, whole was due for some special photographic attention. First we had portraits in a headcollar.

Then he had his bridle put on, and he stayed still better than my dogs do.

Best friends.

On board.

Four ears.

He's just the cutest.

There's something interesting over there.


Enough photos!