1 September 2016

Fergal's Yard

Meet Fergal. He's a spry 28-year-old horse.

There was something about his face - I couldn't stop taking portraits of him!

Such a handsome profile!

Now that both Fergal and I were warmed up, we headed outside. This part of a lorry made for an interesting backdrop.

There are some great red brick walls at this yard.

Green and summery - and Fergal looking handsome!

We headed into the woods - peek-a-boo!

Back in the sunshine.

After a short interlude in which it rained and Fergal ate his lunch, he was back in front of the lens.

I love these old buildings - they make for interesting backgrounds.

One of my favourites of the day - Fergal under the scrutiny of two cameras.

It was great to meet handsome Fergal. I was taking photos of him for three hours and he was such a good sport. Thanks to his owner, Victoria, for inviting me to visit.