4 September 2016


Every morning I go out into the yard, and almost every time Nobby is waiting for me at the gate.

He's so hungry he could eat a wall.

Blue Belle whinnies for her breakfast.

I feed the lambs inside first, though. This is Larry:

Twins Tyson...

...and Tydaughter.


Ducky is always first to the door.

The smallest is Tiddlywinks (known as Tiddles).

Pip, as always, is on hand to help. The lambs indoors are fed on straw and lamb nuts - which are irresistible to dogs.

Jack says hello to the brown and white "lamb".

Little Dude:

Ducky and Tyson:

Tyson lookin' mighty handsome.

Little Dude coming over for more scratches.

Tyson wants scratches too.

Little Dude does a lot of staring at me.

The indoor lambs fed, I bring a bucket of horse nuts to Blue Belle. Her nose doesn't leave the bucket until all of the nuts are hoovered up.

Meanwhile, Suckie...

...and the lambs enjoy the grass.

Millie has quite a mouthful.


Honey comes over to say hello.

Margo and Rosie could be twins, they're so alike.

Millie goes over to investigate Pip...

...and Pip rolls over, swatting poor Millie in the face in the process.

"Ow! My face!"

Meanwhile, in Blue Belle's pen...

She is not alone. I stuck Nobby in while her while I was taking photos of everyone else because he's gotten to that potentially dangerous "teenage" stage.

He doesn't bother trying to headbutt Blue Belle - he needn't dare.

Hormones aside, he has grown into a handsome young lamb.

Rosie came down to see what was going on.

Nobby felt like he was in prison - the grass is literally greener.

Millie needs to work on her manners.

Margo and Nobby exchange words.

Margo must've won the argument.

Nobby and his horsey friend.

The girls are off for a snack.

Except Rosie, who just wants to eat Blue Belle's bucket.

Sweet little Honey.

Nobby's face makes me laugh.

Pulling faces is thirsty work.

Pip has decided to wait for me at the gate.

Blue Belle tries to find something else to eat.

Pip keeps an eye on the girls for me.

As the lambs relax (Nobby included, chewing his cud at my feet), Blue Belle has brunch.

Leaning up against the gate is a favourite spot for everyone.

Margo is relaxed.

Millie is really relaxed.

Suckie stood with them too.

What's that behind you, Margo?

Millie is chilled.

Margo works it for the camera.

I let Nobby out of Blue Belle's pen and left the field - I think the lambs missed my company.

This post is dedicated to Tiddles, who sadly passed away a few weeks after these photos were taken. Rest in peace, Tiddles.


  1. It must be wonderful to wake up to all these adorable faces. I love the ones with Little Pip and the sheep - course, Big Pip wouldn't approve of you swatting Millie in the face. LOL