20 September 2016


All summer I kept Nobby clean and fly-strike-free the organic way. While every other sheep on the farm was treated with a strong chemical fly repellant, Nobby was kept spotlessly clean instead. This was because he was often going out for walks in public areas and having children stroking him and I didn't want anyone, however unlikely, to have an adverse reaction to the chemicals. This meant I spent my summer keeping a very close eye on him indeed - and worrying if there was even so much as a speck of dirt on him.

Washing him was easy. First I threw a bucket of water (or two) on him. Wool is very good at repelling water, so the water alone would do absolutely nothing to make him cleaner - it was just so I could get a good lather on him with the soap.

Once he was wet enough, I broke out the Fairy Liquid (lemon, if you were wondering). As you can see he isn't very bothered about having a bath.

Soap applied, it was time for - yep - more water. Poor Nobby - for an animal who doesn't much like water, he copes very well.

And I last I've emptied the bucket and he can have a good shake!

Yet more water - I like to be thorough.

Nobby just checking that the bucket is actually going away this time.

Then it was Nobby's favourite part - rubbing the soap into those harder-to-reach places. This a great shake here - soap suds flying, and you can see why I wore waterproofs!

He's soapy, but happy. Just look at that proud pose. He loves all of this attention!

One more rinse later you have a spotlessly clean lamb, ready for more adventures.

I wish the dogs liked baths this much!


  1. How often did you do this? Nobby gets a gold star for best bath behavior!

    1. I only had to give him a bath three times, I think. He's a clean boy. :)