18 September 2016

Barley Fields

So far on my travels I'm yet to bump into someone else who brings a dog and camera everywhere with them, but I digress...

On any given dry day at this time of year (sadly few and far between), the roads will be inundated with various farm machines - combines, forage harvesters - and too many tractors to mention. On such a day Dad, Jess and I headed to these fields of barley to pick up our yearly ration of round straw bales, as Jess demonstrates below.

The barley was taller than Jess!

One man was driving the combine, and another followed with a round baler. I only photographed the combine, though - I find them more interesting as I only see them once a year.

Jess was a little nervous of the huge combine and its noises, but she behaved herself very well.

Before long we had a trailer-load of bales to take home. The ewes will be comfy in their pens this winter.

Meanwhile, the combine drove on, always in a rush to beat the rain...


  1. If I could I would take my camera and dog everywhere. Thanks for sharing the farm life.