9 September 2016

Vix's Puppies

The puppies are coming!


I've met Vix, the mother of these puppies, twice before (here and here) so when I found out she had had puppies, I just had to visit. Now five weeks old, these little Wire-Haired Fox Terriers are full of beans!


Puppies are cute.

Are we looking at a future agility champion?

Seeing stars.

No footwear is safe!

Just as the sun was going down the puppies enjoyed their first play outside.

The squeaky fox was in high demand.

This football is going to take some growing into.

Some posing.

With the puppies taking the great outdoors in-stride, it was time for the family portrait. All of the puppies were placed on a jumping block...

Puppy overboard!

The second attempt turned out well, except that's one scared looking puppy on the end.

Third time lucky. Such a cute little family.

With the family portrait in the bag, Maisie the goat provided refreshments.

With tired paws and full tummies, the puppies were back in their pen.

They were more settled than they were before their big adventure outside.

And soon enough, everyone was fast asleep...

Sweet dreams.

And just in case I hadn't seen enough puppies, I met an adorable 21-week-old Whippet called Sky in the kitchen.

A huge thanks goes to Vix's owners for letting me visit and meet the puppies.


  1. Oh my god, the cuteness! I can't handle it. <3 I love fox terriers!

  2. Omg how adorable!! And absolutely fantastic shots, I especially loved the family portrait ones :)