19 November 2016

An Afternoon at the Harbour

It was a beautiful day, so Jess and I hopped into the car and went for a drive to the harbour. The sky was bright blue and so the water was wonderfully blue as well.

Palm tree shadow on a building next to the marina.

Jess was a little bit nervous of this new place.

She was hard to photograph because she didn't want to be far away from me. When she's scared she's very clingy.

Some fishing boats had just returned from the sea.

There was a great painted ice cream cone on a wall - if it wasn't so cold I would have been tempted!

Down on the beach.

Jess was very clean because she'd had a bath that morning.

A colourful life ring.

When she was nervous she jumped up on me.

We saw a camper van with an impressive collection of little boats.

There was more marine paraphernalia the closer to the harbour we got.

(That's a crab's claw just behind Jess's nose.)

You could see right through this building.

Boats! Ropes! Exciting!

In front of the harbour wall.

A brave fisherman walking along the wall - too high up for me!

Jess in a bricked-up window.

We saw a friendly dog guarding its house.

In the car, about to head home.

Tired but happy (and smelling faintly of fish).

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