21 November 2016

The Late Mister Pumpkin

Every year in the run-up to Halloween, I buy a pumpkin or two for some themed photo shoots. This year I succeeded in buying the pumpkin on time, but the photoshoot happened in November. Oops.

Jess, Pip and Mister Pumpkin hitched a ride on the quad to the leafiest, autmniest (if it wasn't a word before it is now) part of the farm.

He did blend in a little, but the bold orange tones of the leaves looked great.

Pip stopped staring at the quad long enough to pose a little bit. She didn't want to appear too enthusiastic.

Mister Pumpkin currently resides in the yard. He's survived rain, frost, wind, and Sheila trying to use him as a football.

Feel free to expect Christmas photos in March.


  1. Jess looks great among the fall leaves and Mr. Pumpkin. Looks like he was made for that spot with his coloring.