29 November 2016

Nut Dust Noses

My pet lambs seem to have taken over this blog. I've never had so many pets to call my own before, and perhaps I am a little overexcited, but they are such a pleasure to photograph. Every morning I bring them some nuts, push my way through them to the trough and try not to fall over in the mad rush.

For some reason Margo wasn't interested in the nuts on this morning.

Millie (note the brown dust on her nose).

Margo's probably been eating a bit too much grass to fit any more in.

Bob's been licking the trough clean.

Rosie at the gate.

Is Honey paranoid or is that a dog behind her..?

Tummies full, the contented lambs... don't really do much, actually.

Rosie seems to attract lens flares.

Millie and Honey have spotted something interesting over there.

Suckie's been licking the trough too.

Ducky at the gate.

Honey nutty nose.

Meanwhile, inside the shed, Little Dude would like some food too.

(So this has been another post about lambs on a dog blog. I make no apologies - I love my little woollies.)


  1. I love seeing the lambs! We had hair sheep growing up, but I always preferred the woolies.