1 December 2016

Ladies and Bob

The weather forecast was for snow. I had the camera charged up, a bunch of lenses in my camera bag, went outside and... oh. There was no snow at all. Since I had everything ready for a morning of shooting, I took the camera with me when I was feeding the lambs. Ducky met me at the gate.

Honey photobombed.

Curious Bob.

It's great to see that Honey and Ducky are such good friends - when Ducky first joined the flock, Honey was very mean to her. And for a sheep being mean means lots of headbutting.


My favourite photo of Bob so far.


Millie coming over to eat my camera.

Suckie and Rosie returning from licking the trough clean.

Gorgeous Rosie.

Busy taking photos of Rosie, I turned around to where Bob used to be only to find he wasn't there. I looked down and he was sniffing my jeans.

He had a very important job to do: protecting his girls from a scary pair of dogs. He puffed up his chest and stood between the dogs and his girls (which on this occasion included myself).

For a lamb who only arrived just over a month ago, and wasn't even raised on a bottle, Bob sniffing my hand and protecting me from the dogs was a big thing. Such a brave boy.

Millie is much nicer to the dogs.

One last look at lovely Bob before I left. There may have been no snow, but it was still pretty cold.

Faithful Suckie followed me to the gate. It was because she loves me, not because she hoped I would give her some food.

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