Black & White Sunday #33 ::: Boop


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Wordless Wednesday #78 ::: Dusting


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E is for Ellie

Ellie is well over a week old and big enough to face the world! The first lambs of the year always end up in this field as it has a very sheltered collection of trees and bushes that runs along the top of an old wall. When I went to find Ellie and her mum, of course they were hidden in here.

Mum kept an eye on me.

There is so much for the little lamb to explore.

Grass! How interesting.

Mummy is very attentive. It's very sweet.

A stone! Interesting.

Ellie is a very brave girl - she's not afraid to explore her new home.

Mum decided it was time to leave the hedge as the grass was much tastier out in the open.

And so begins for Ellie a lifetime of eating grass...

...under mother's supervision, of course.

Ellie Strides Out

Ellie's mum is very proud of her little lamb.

Ellie now has a name (thanks, Claire). Come on out, Ellie, don't be shy...

Mum is very attentive.

She has the makings of a big, strong lamb.

The slight fuzz in this photo is from mum breathing on the lens.

"Is that my foot?"

Her purposeful little walk is so adorable.

All she has to do now is grow, grow, grow...

The Boyfriend

Now that they are hoggets, rather than lambs (which is taking some getting used to), I separated out the biggest and put them with a handsome ram lamb.

What is most hilarious is that my girls are much bigger than their boyfriend.

By nature he seems pretty quiet, which is a quality I would like in my lambs. He also has, as they say, "a hot bod".

While I feared separating my lambs hoggets would cause stress, they actually settled in their field very quickly. (For size comparison, the sheep in the field in the background are fully grown ewes.)

It was a very stormy morning, and the lambs hoggets were taking shelter behind a scraggly hedge. Rosie decided I looked lonely, standing some distance away as I tried to get some decent shots. So she came over.

For ten minutes she was pressed against me, using my legs as a shield against the wind and getting back scratches in return.

She loves me.

Curious Boyfriend came over too.

The little gang sticks together.

There's a lot of grass in these two fields to keep them happy.

Rosie always sticks close.

Will we be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny hooves come June, I wonder?

Out With the New, In With the Old

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We decided not to keep this lamb for breeding, so into the quad trailer she went. Pip was helping.

After putting her in the field with the lambs for sale, we took the rest to an outfarm. They won't be home until May, all grown-up and ready for clipping.

All they have to do now is take it easy grow up big and strong.

In the meantime the older, pregnant ewes are gradually coming into the shed ready for lambing.

Iris (on the left) is among these ones.

These ewes haven't been home in some months so it's nice to see familiar faces once again.