11 February 2017

Jumble Sale

This week has been so busy with lambing, I haven't had much time to take photos - and when I have had time, there haven't been enough to make a decent post. So I'm going to stick them all together.

Here's one of Teddy staring at a pair of ewes and their lambs (I tried to take photos of the lambs too, but at the sight of Teddy their mums took them into the bushes where I had no hope of photographing them):

And here Teddy and Rosie are saying hello through the gate.

Honey making one of her usual silly faces. (With good reason, as it turned out. This photo session was cute short when Teddy unexpectedly decided to bite Honey on the bottom. She was okay, though.)

Margo is the easiest of the hoggets to photograph because she usually keeps her distance.

Meanwhile, Penny is shooting up like a weed. An adorable weed.

She has a very expressive face which I love!

Blue Belle on a cool winter's evening:

With my girls (and Bob) as the sun goes down.

Hopefully next week I'll have a bit more time for photos - there's so much to see!

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  1. Peaceful! Even though you had a busy week, everyone looks relaxed and peaceful.