14 February 2017

Two Open Gate Parties

It is so much fun to just open the gate and let all of the pet lambs out! (Yes, that's right, Penny has some friends now.)

On the left is Barney. He had a difficult time being born and it's left him with a sore shoulder which is gradually getting better. A slight limp isn't stopping him!

Then there's Penny, of course.

Barney is a huge, gangly lamb. He's a over a week younger than Penny but he's just as tall.

The youngest at the moment is Audrey at just a week old.

Penny finds these buckets very interesting.

Barney is chill.

Audrey's longer hair on her forehead gives the impression of eyebrows.

And just who is that black and white spotty thing lurking in the background? Why that's Titch. Born prematurely, he's very small.

So small in fact that Audrey is bigger even though she's younger.

Barney and Penny have a little kiss.

Cute little Audrey.

After the lunchtime feed, I opened the gate again and sat down in the straw with Pip to watch the lambs play.

The others seemed to be tired of partying and didn't even seem to notice the open gate so Penny partied alone, nibbling on the feed scoop.

A pair of ewes kept a close eye on us.

Penny tired of buckets.

And came over to say hello.

Pip was relaxing on my lap.

Interesting boot...


Back to buckets.

After all that nibbling the scoop fell down and gave Penny a spook.

She came over to see us again.

"Stop laughing at me!"

Pip made sure she was alright.


All is well.

Time to relax.

Penny nibbled on the straw.

Pip helped.

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