12 March 2017

Golden Hour on the Hill

One clear evening I went up the hill with the camera to take some pictures of the ewes and the oldest lambs.

Such a cute little face.

Look who it is - E is for Ellie, remember.

She hasn't gained much height but she has gained breadth.

Big stretch...

Funny ears.

Happy families.

This one has a bit of a turkey neck which is adorable.

This one was born inside the amniotic sac and would have suffocated had Dad not come to the rescue in the nick of time. He hasn't looked back!

The lambs are thriving on this fresh grass.

Although for some it seems to not be enough - stop eating your mother!

Iris had twins this year - the boy is the lighter one, the darker one a girl.

Like mother like daughter.

Every year there is that one lamb that I think is beyond adorable. There's adorable, and then there is this lamb:

Mums have to put up with a lot.

Mummy coming over to break up a "vicious fight".

Another happy family.

I was very glad to have witness this fight between a tip lamb (on the left) and a ewe lamb. At first there was perhaps the laziest headbutting I've ever seen. They stood like this for some time.

And then the ewe lamb did something I haven't seen before, and pushed the tip up the hill using her body until he gave in.

The tip was left to lick his "wounds"...

...while the victor was smug.

The members of the "vicious fight" had taken a break.

Wrinkles! Ears!

The moon had been out since three o'clock in the afternoon.

I call this lamb Splodgy Lamb because he has tan splodges on his legs and tail.

The sun was coming and going from behind the clouds. These photos were taken moments apart:

A mother and daughter in sync.

Ellie and her mum.

I was glad to see these twins doing so well. For the first few weeks of Penny's life while she was the only lamb in her pen, she played with these boys through the bars.

Lambs hiding behind mum and being adorable.

The sun finally emerged from behind the clouds for the last hoorah and gave me some spectacular light before it vanished for the night.