14 March 2017

Harry and the Pet Lambs

Young Harry visited the lambs last year, and this year he came back. He was beyond excited to be visiting the pet lambs.

Say feta cheese!

Racing with Maggie, Audrey and Penny.

Keep up, Harry!

He had a great time.

Harry and the lambs soon decided it was time to go inside and feed the lambs.

More running - because why not?

Penny was very friendly.

Going over to say hello.

Harry helped to feed Penny first.

Penny wondering if there's any more milk in there...

It was Audrey's turn next.

Harry was fascinated by the straw - a real Worzel Gummidge.

Harry had his hands full with these two!

Well if you will insist on throwing straw everywhere, it's inevitable that you will be tackled by a hungry lamb...

Nose kisseys.

Saying goodbye to the lambs.

One more straw adventure before home, though - climbing to the top of the straw pile.

Until next time, Harry...

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  1. You are so super cute, Young Harry!!!! Love all your beautiful and happy pictures!!! Keep having more fun and share it with us:)