22 March 2017

Hello, Honey

Today I went to visit the local Clydesdales because there was a new member of the family I was very excited to meet...

"Mmm, yummy..."

This Colleen's new filly foal, called Honey.

It was pouring rain outside but thankfully Colleen and Honey were in a nice, dry stable.

Born in the early hours of Monday morning (the day of the spring equinox, no less), Honey is still adjusting to those legs.

Thinking about a drink...

She is such a cutie.

A bit of a poser, too, when it suits her.

"One day I'll be this big..."

Honey's best shake-of-a-lamb's tail impression:

Mummy Colleen is very proud of her new baby.

She is a curious foal, but not quite huggable yet.

After almost an hour of skipping around mum it was time for a nap...

...or not! Honey couldn't seem to settle in one place for long.

Another attempt...

I love Colleen's little smile here as she stands over her baby.

She has such kind eyes.

Meanwhile, Honey was on her feet again - but she was really tired.

One more attempt at a nap.

There we go. Sweet dreams, Honey.

A huge thank you goes to Dairylough Clydesdales for letting me visit the adorable new arrival.


  1. Those eyelashes are so amazing!

  2. Great photos as usual Ruth, thank you for calling

  3. She is so precious! I'm jealous of those eyelashes!

  4. OH! So cute and look at those lashes!