22 March 2017

Hello, Honey

Today I went to visit the local Clydesdales because there was a new member of the family I was very excited to meet...

"Mmm, yummy..."

This Colleen's new filly foal, called Honey.

It was pouring rain outside but thankfully Colleen and Honey were in a nice, dry stable.

Born in the early hours of Monday morning (the day of the spring equinox, no less), Honey is still adjusting to those legs.

Thinking about a drink...

She is such a cutie.

A bit of a poser, too, when it suits her.

"One day I'll be this big..."

Honey's best shake-of-a-lamb's tail impression:

Mummy Colleen is very proud of her new baby.

She is a curious foal, but not quite huggable yet.

After almost an hour of skipping around mum it was time for a nap...

...or not! Honey couldn't seem to settle in one place for long.

Another attempt...

I love Colleen's little smile here as she stands over her baby.

She has such kind eyes.

Meanwhile, Honey was on her feet again - but she was really tired.

One more attempt at a nap.

There we go. Sweet dreams, Honey.

A huge thank you goes to Dairylough Clydesdales for letting me visit the adorable new arrival.