26 March 2017

Daft with the Daffodils

Once the daffodils had bloomed in the garden I couldn't resist bringing the lambs in for a play.

And a nibble, because sheep of all ages are good lawnmowers.

Penny thought this grate was worth an investigation.

But who's that little one?

This is Anita, the fourth lamb I've decided to keep this year. I was very happy with my group dynamic of three, but Anita won me over with her cuteness.

She is the youngest and smallest by about a month.

I love the tan speckles on her legs - if I was a betting girl I'd put money on her having at least some tan on her face when she's older. We shall see...

This was Anita's first trip outside.

Maggie inspects the daffodils...

...and that mysterious vent.

Is moss tasty? Not really.

Dried grass? Not really either.

Every time Audrey notices me taking photos of her she has to come over and see if I'm taking them properly.

Penny is as good if not better than many of the lambs you see in the show ring (in my totally humble, unbiased opinion).

Anita enjoying that perfectly manicured garden (cough).

Everyone at the garden gate - is this photo good enough for you, Audrey?

Penny and the Vent II; The Reckoning.

Maggie has stilts for legs.

Another perfect flowerbed for Anita to stand upon. If I was responsible for this garden I'd be very embarrassed right now - oh.

The lambs didn't seem to mind - they had a blast!

Maggie posing in front of those daffodils.

That's it, you little lawnmower...

Go hedgetrimmers!

As if Penny wasn't tall enough, she has to stand on the flowerbed.

Blending in.

Go fetch, Maggie! Good girl.

Such a poser.

Such cute lawnmowers.

There's already some tan on Anita's ears.

Audrey hard and work and lookin' good.


  1. I absolutely adore the pictures of them running. They are so cute. I would love to feel what their fur feels like

  2. The lamb-mowers make me very happy because they are so darn cute!

  3. Hard to beat a cute mowing crew like that :-D.