28 March 2017

The Hedgetrimmer

A couple of days ago you met the lawn mowing lambs - now meet the hedge trimming hogget!

Over the Saint Patrick's weekend I had my little flock in the garden. If there's a hole on the hedge Honey will find it and so it was of little surprise that she was standing on top of the stone wall in a matter of hours. Thanks to Honey's tutelage (use the flowerbeds as a step up onto the wall), Rosie soon learned the trick too.

She helped herself to the yummy leaves and berries.

What have you done to my well behaved Rosie, Honey?

Needless to say, the five of them didn't spend any more time in the garden!


  1. So the shrubbery is next to the stone wall or is it part of the stonewall somehow?

    1. Oh, sorry, yes, I could have been a bit clearer with my wording there! The bush... thing (my knowledge of plant life extends to grass, tree, flower) grows on top of the stone wall like ivy I suppose - only it has berries. See? I'm clueless.

    2. Cool! I am interested in the natural fence barriers I see sometimes over there, I think planted and then trimmed to grow the way they need? Is that true?