1 April 2017

Happy First Birthday to Millie, Margo, Rosie, Honey and Bob!

My little flock turns one today! Margo is the oldest by a few days, and Honey the youngest by about a week or so. Bob was born sometime this month, too. To make sense of it all, I've put all of their birthdays together on an easy to remember date. Time to party!

Margo and Bob are greeted by party guests, Anita, Penny and Audrey:

Rosie is startled by the party guests.

Blue Belle was at the party too.

She startled the startlers.


Nose kisses.

Every time Audrey spots me photographing her she has to run over to see me.

It's hard to imagine that this time last year Rosie was as small as Anita is now.

Bob being handsome.

Margo was very interested in the smaller party guests.

Blue Belle and penny inspect the daffodils.

The sheep could wander around the yard as much as they liked since I had shut the gates.

Suckie can't be bothered with these young whippersnappers.

Bob being handsome again. He makes it look easy.

The oldest and the youngest.

Blue Belle looking at me over the platform.

Maggie contemplates the steps...

...while the other lambs have already gotten onto the platform. It's a long way down...

Audrey and Anita:

Audrey and Penny:

Three bottoms in ascending order of largeness.

Rosie coming over to see what's going on.

Rosie seems to like staring at walls.

Rosie can see over the platform too.

Audrey is still wondering how to get down.

Audrey and Penny eventually jumped, and I lifted Anita because she's so small and I was afraid of her hurting herself. The girls were reunited.

Honey says hello to Penny.

Audrey still likes to nibble moss.

Honey with a lovely lens flare.

Millie coming over to see me.

Audrey inspecting Blue Belle's legs.

For a while everyone wanted to pose in front of the gate. Anita:

Blue Belle:

Rosie, Margo and Millie:


So much growing up to do.

Honey and Rosie.




Maggie going against the flow.

Adorable little Anita.

Margo is glowing. (A pregnancy glow, perhaps? We'll see...)

Bob may have grown up a lot but he's still small.

The twelfth party guest makes an appearance at last - she was too scared to leave the shed!