6 April 2017


It is so wonderful to go to the lambing shed every morning to see these four lovely ladies. We currently have 17 pet lambs, but these ones are my super special girls.

Maggie is a very cheeky one. She reminds me of Honey a lot - the same carefree attitude to life!

The three white-faced ladies: Audrey, Penny and Anita. Penny is taking after her dad. She's totally fearless and loves tummy tickles.

Anita can get pushed around a bit in the rush for milk but she doesn't let that stop her. She gives as good as she gets!

Audrey is a mummy's girl - she's always checking on me. Such a sweetie.

We've got the feeds down from four times a day to two which is a relief - as much fun as feeding lambs is, feeding this many so often in the day was quite exhausting!

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  1. They are too cute! I love how different their personalities are!