16 April 2017

Black & White Sunday #35 ::: Hello, My Name Is

What it means: graceful

Anita is named after a friend and fellow photography enthusiast of mine. In fact the very first thing I said to her upon hearing her name was, "Ooh, that's a nice name - I might steal it for a lamb one day."

What it means: noble, strong

Audrey is named after both the character from 24 and a friend of the family.

Robert (Bob)
What it means: famed, bright and shining

Bob is named after Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Mr Show fame.

What it means: sweet

Honey is named after the colour of her face - as simple as that!

Jessica (Jess)
What it means: rich

Jess was originally to be called Tessa, but then I thought the name was too similar to Teddy so Tessa became Jessica.

Margaret (Maggie)
What it means: pearl

One of those names that didn't require any thought at all - Maggie just looked like a Margaret to me!

Margot (Margo)
What it means: French variation of Margaret

Margo is named after the character from The Good Life - and I removed the T because I just prefer writing it that way.

Mildred (Millie)
What it means: gentle strength

My friend Emma had given Millie the name Missy, which for me was in the ballpark but not something I would name a sheep. I prefer traditional, feminine names for the ladies. It wasn't much of a leap from Missy to Millie.

Penelope (Penny)
What it means: bobbin

Penny is named after Sheldon Cooper's "Penny, Penny, Penny" from The Big Bang Theory.

Phillipa (Pip)
What it means: horses' friend

Pip is named after one of David Kennard's sheepdogs which featured in his documentary The Year of the Working Sheepdog.

Rosalie (Rosie)
What it means: rose

My granny's middle name is Rosalie and I've always wanted to use it for someone.

What it means: lamb that drinks a lot of milk (probably)

Suckie was originally called Sukie, but within a day the 10-year-old me's urge to make a pun was just too strong and the name stuck.

Edward (Teddy)
What it means: rich guard

Teddy is a name that has been shared by many fluffy, black and white Border Collies in my family's history so thought it was about time for another.

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  1. Mini: That's a lot of names and it's neat knowing what each of them mean! Your Jess and my human have the same name. And we just love your Jess' "confusing ears"!

  2. Loved learning the meanings behind the names. Happy Easter.

  3. I love this! Especially the name Audrey. <3

  4. Love your names. I may steal a couple from you! But...Teddy must not be black and white because his eyes aren't the right color! ;-)