14 April 2017

Sunset with the Flock

One evening I had another practice session with my new lens, this time with the other flock.

Once again, because of my distance away, the sheep were very relaxed.

These two girls are twins even if they do look a little different.

Sleepy lamb.

In the background of this photo are some shiny cars on a road.

Just look at those neck wrinkles!

The trees in the background have since gotten their leaves.

A curious lamb comes closer.

This lamb was the biggest newborn of the year. He was huge!

While looking at another lamb these two rushed into view in search of their mummy.

(This one was bottle fed for a few days.)

Blue in the face.

These two ewes were surprisingly affectionate with each other.

Big ears.

My favourite of the evening - I love the depth.

These two boys are very adorable.

They found mummy.

Iris and her two lambs:

With my new lens I can sit in the field, zoom in on the highest mountain and tell you how many people are standing at the top (eight).

A dramatic lamb.

Mummy and daughter.

Another curious cutie.

I bumped into Iris and her lambs again. They have huge ears.

Say feta.

Perfect posers.

Mummies can make great backdrops sometimes.

And subjects too, of course.

Just before I headed for home (it was cold on the hill with the sun set), I witnessed this adorable pair.

Mummies have a lot to put up with.

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