11 April 2017

Visiting Drinn View

Every farm has its own cast of characters and Drinn View is no different. I was invited around to take some pictures of the lambs. Some were herded into the yard shortly after my arrival. Some lovely faces:

On the way to the lambing shed we passed by some curious cattle.

Having met the lowland breeds, it was time to meet the Mourne Blackfaces. It's always a treat to see these sheep close-up. This one had twins:

Mini the Bichon Frise is a friend to all lambs.

Of the two pet lambs Sambo was the biggest. Mini was not intimidated by his size, no way.

I love his tiny little horns.

Nose kisses.

This lamb was under a heat lamp to help her find her feet.

Mummy was keeping a watchful eye on her baby.

These ewes are waiting to have their lambs.

Mini is a very paws-on helper.

She's also gorgeous.

There were plenty more Blackface ewes and their lambs outside.

Back at the house I met this cat. I don't have a name for her but I'm going to call her Ridiculously Photogenic Cat.

I also met Junior the sheepdog.

He reminded me of Jess because he loves to play...

...and always tries to bring his toys to work.

After a spot of lunch it was lamb feeding time.

A real farmer multitasks.

It was great to see everyone so relaxed on a spring afternoon.

Thank you to Sylvia and Robert for inviting me over.

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