20 April 2017

Candid Canines

One of my new year goals for this blog was to include the dogs more - ever since Blue Belle's arrival in June 2015, they've gradually faded into the background of a blog that is called The Dogs of Greenhill Farm. I've found recently that photographing my dogs and keeping it interesting and fresh has become quite difficult. There are no new locations to explore, there are no puppies (which is a good thing - I have enough grown-up puppies).

Because I set my photography standards quite high, and because I'm never happy with the results, I don't take the camera out on walks anymore.

So as an experiment I did just that, but I forbade myself from asking the dogs to pose for me. I treated them like I would treat my pony or sheep subjects.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the stream offered some extra interest to my photos.

Remember, there was no posing. I didn't say the "stay" word.

One of my favourites from the day.

We crossed the stream to walk around the field.

By this stage the dogs were starting to get tired and pose for me.

Jess is a little annoyance sometimes.

Tired puppy.

So it was an interesting experiment, and I certainly enjoyed myself (the dogs did too) but still I seem to have lost my "mojo" when it comes to dog photography. Is this just in my head? Maybe. I'll keep trying.


  1. Those are fantastic pictures. Shelia and Hailey have a similar face!

  2. I lost touch with this blog a few years back--Teddy is magnificent, and it was sad to learn of Ben's passing. You haven't lost your photographic touch with the dogs, not a bit!