22 April 2017

A Lamb and a Bandana

How do you make lambs look even cuter? Why, put a bandana on them, of course! I've always liked dogs in bandanas and so recently I went a bit mad and bought a rainbow collection of bandanas for the dogs and lambs to share. Audrey was my test subject for one of the bandanas and one of the new halters I'd bought. The lane was lined with beautiful daffodils.

Audrey was very interested in nibbling the grass...

...and would prefer to walk on it.

Another nibble break.

Spring was starting to bloom all around us.

Audrey is in pink because she is such a little sweetheart.

...Yes, there are a lot of nibble breaks when you're walking sheep.

At the bottom of the lane where cars whizz by. Audrey wasn't too bothered by the cars.

After a few minutes at the bottom of the lane we headed back again.

Back the top there was (you guessed it) another nibble break.

Tell all of your friends - lambs wearing bandanas is very cute.

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  1. I don't remember why Baaxter started wearing a bandanna, but he wore a red one for a good long while. When his "brothers" arrived, we had bandannas for all of them that evening too :-). http://myfavoritesheep.blogspot.com/2014/06/baaxter-buddies.html