24 April 2017

The Rusty Blue Trailer Inspection Squad

The lambs are insatiably curious and so they couldn't just walk past this rusty blue trailer in the yard without inspecting it. Maggie checks the trailer bed for ridges:

Audrey is still trying to work out how to get on.

Anita is checking the tailgate.

Penny is helping.

Penny making sure the side of the trailer is tasty:

Audrey supervises Anita as she checks the tailgate for tastiness.

Maggie and Penny have calculated that there is room for two more lambs to stand here.

Maggie checks for tastiness.

Penny has a look around the outside.

She also checks to make sure the tailgate is at a suitable angle.

Anita is taste-testing.

Penny thinks this trailer could do with a coat of paint.

Audrey thinks the towbar is there. She is correct.

Another inspection of the trailer's outward appearance.

The tread plate on this tailgate is not to be ate.

While inspecting the wheels Penny gets a shock - she's not as small as she used to be and she is stuck!

With Penny freed, the Trailer Inspection Squad have declared that this trailer is not very tasty but should probably be painted or something.


  1. Cutest inspection squad I've ever seen!

  2. Um, hello, that is not a trailer. It's a space ship! http://myfavoritesheep.blogspot.com/search/label/space%20ship