26 April 2017

Honey & Blossom

Yesterday evening I visited Clydesdale foal Honey and her mum Colleen.

It wasn't long before the pair of them were performing for the camera!

A moment of calm by the house.

Colleen is such an attentive mummy. It is very sweet to watch.

Oh - Honey's off again!

Brakes, Honey - don't bump into mummy!

Another moment of calm.

The last time I saw Honey she was only a couple of days old. She has grown so much in the five weeks since!

Off again!

A moment of calm, please, to admire this fuzz.

They sure don't stay still for long!

One side of the field was lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Mummy can move too!

They stood for a while next to the gate.

Colleen rocking the windswept supermodel look.

Honey was very kind and came over to give me a kiss on the nose.

Hello, there!

Colleen likes to check up on Honey from time to time.

All is well - time for a trot.

(A moment to pose.)

Go, Colleen, go!

This seemed to be their favourite place to stand.

No one could resist this adorable face.

Sniff test...

...tail swish!

Colleen silhouetted against the setting sun... an instantly recognisable profile.

After all of that running around Honey was content to stand next to mum.

Her eyes were getting a little droopy.

She tried to copy her mother and rest a leg but it wasn't quite right.

True to form for Honey I had to wait a good fifteen minutes as she shuffled from tired hoof to tired hoof before she finally lay down.

So much more comfortable.

Dutiful mum Colleen kept a watch on her as she napped.

And that is how I left them, resting at the top of the hill.

Thank you to Dairylough Clydesdales Colleen and Honey for letting me spend some time with them.