7 May 2017


For birthday posts I like to be crazy prepared and usually take the photos in advance, just in case the weather doesn't allow me to take photos closer to the date. A little over two weeks ago I took the photos for what was to be Sheila's eleventh birthday post today. Dad was sowing fertiliser in Cairns's and while he did that Sheila and I had some fun.

Sheila admiring the neighbours' garden - and rightly so, it is beautiful (and no sheep or ponies have eaten it).

Bluebells were just starting to come out.

There's a little hill that Sheila posed on perfectly.

My favourite photo of a smiling Sheila.

There is an old "cattle crush" in the corner of one of the fields (I say "cattle crush", it's more a brick wall next to a tree with a sheet of corrugated metal on top) and Sheila jumped up onto it without any help. I lifted her down, just in case.

I'd been worrying that my dog photos were becoming a bit repetitive, and this photoshoot with Sheila was a real confidence booster. I would go so far as to say that this is the most fun we ever had on a photo shoot. I love that our last adventure was so enjoyable for us both.


  1. It is so great that you had that last photo shoot with her. They are beautiful pictures.

  2. Great memories, she looked so happy with the Bluebells. We are so glad you had a wonderful adventure with Sheila, and that you were able to take such wonderful photographs of her.